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Faces in the mountain, Cusco

Meet the Abode of the Gods (faces on the mountain)

A new destination created by the union of art and tradition, between a Cusco sculptor artist and the locals of Monteagudo.

It is a cultural artistic nucleus made up of sculptures of the deities of the Incas; created in stone buildings with Inca narrative where we can appreciate a tribute to the Andean worldview.

It is a destination that serves as evidence of what tourism can encourage in people, teamwork to revive culture.

In La Morada de los Dioses you will find impressive monuments that accompany the landscape of Cusco very well in its reopening to the world.

Biodiversity in Tarapoto

3 Places in Tarapoto where you can see animals

Tarapoto is a city with the privilege of being located right in the middle of the Amazon jungle. As soon as its borders are crossed, the city is surrounded by extensive tropical forests with abundant biodiversity. Thanks to this, it is possible to visit various places where you can see different species of animals in captivity that would otherwise be difficult to spot as they are further into the jungle. In this post you will find a selection of three sites where you can tourism by watching animals.

  • Urkus Game Reserve
  • Biodiversity
  • Aguajales de Santa Helena

Incredible Treks in Cusco

Short hikes in incredible landscapes

The road to the mountain of 7 colors - After Machu Picchu, the mountain of the 7 colors is the second most visited tourist attraction in Cusco. It is famous for its soil whose proliferation of minerals resembles the colors of the rainbow. To get there you must necessarily take a 5-kilometer walk through altitudes that exceed 5,000 meters above sea level . For many, this hike is part of the adventure. For others, it is a difficult stumbling block to overcome. For the latter, there is the option of renting the service of a horse. The cost of the tour is approximately 50 US dollars per person.

Modern Cineplanet in Tarapoto


The popular Cine Planet is a modern cinema site or cineplex in the locality, with mixed screens and a choice of the latest Hollywood shoots, which are dubbed in Spanish or subtitled. The traditional Cine Planet is a popular way to end a day trip and can be found in the beautiful shopping center called Plazas del Sol, just a few meters west of the central Plaza de Armas.